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Unique Module Concept. Adapt the motor to your Application The ServoStep motor

The home of the integrated motor Why an integrated motor?



Servo Motors 50 W.. 4.5 kW

Stepper Motors 0.4.. 25 Nm Linear Stepper Motors

Stepper Motor Controllers
Gears, Rotary tables Power Supplies

Brakes Cables Software

JVL and MAC095 was introduced to Copenhagen Suborbital in 2014 for a test equipment on the ground to see if the rocket engine was able to perform as needed.
Next step was to implement the motors in a rocket and to make tests.

The rocket was launched in July 2016.

Factory Automation
JVL's very own factory is a demo machine showing many different ways to use JVL's motors.
The factory includes 10 JVL motors for conveyor belts, actuators, format change, turntables etc.
Machine adjustment
•Low cost
•Simple stand-alone HMI
•An easy add on to new machines
•Can be retrofitted to most anyone's machine, even if not built by us.
•Simple handshake interface to machine control
•Quick and simple wiring

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